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Country Inn Shaibabad to Visit Ghaziabad

Country Inn Sahibabad…in Ghaziabad? I should have known that I would find a Country Inn there. Ghaziabad is a very modern city and one of India’s more interesting. Most people love all the modern elements of life there from the dining to the shopping to the movie theaters. When I checked on things to do in Ghaziabad I found 36 movie theaters. This is not the center for archaeological digging endeavors that I was looking for, no archeological digs in the city. On the other hand, Ghaziabad is a good hub location for scores of sights and it is one of the most historically important locations in the country.  Add in that Country Inn Sahibabad has all the comforts of home. That will help convince my wife, who is not as great a fan of dig-dirt as she is her husband, to join me for the ‘not the dirt’ portion of the trip, while getting a little pampering me time. Her alternatives being stay home alone or to be dragged into a pit of dirt and dust that is being hyped by said husband as a ‘Vacation’. Win-Win.

Base camp for my wife.

She gets modern accommodations 20km from the Indira Gandhi Airport we will be coming through. The on-site restaurants, complimentary hot breakfast buffet, health club and spa, beauty salon and shopping arcade, outdoor pool with bar are a lot more enticing for many spouses than a dirt and mud investigation of the archaic past. Plus, I have an ace up my sleeve. My wife’s a yoga nut and I have YogaFinder where I have found no less than 59 yoga schools in the area and two are in Ghaziabad. Both yoga schools less than a half hour away.

Thank You Country Inn Sahibabad

I get a central location for tons of fascinating history and study all within driving distance are some of India’s most interesting archeological sites and digs today. The Country Inn Sahibabad in Ghaziabad is an incredible place to set up base camp for your forays out to your choice of great sites.  Such as:

Gwalior Fort  Archaeological Site  281.3 kmFort Gwalior WikiPedia Free 300x200 Country Inn Shaibabad to Visit Ghaziabad

 Fatehpur Sikri Fort / Fortress 176.3 km

640px Fatehpur Sikri Ornamental Pool 6261865270 WikiPedia Free 300x200 Country Inn Shaibabad to Visit Ghaziabad

Agra Fort / Fortress 175.2 kmAgra Fort 5 300x225 Country Inn Shaibabad to Visit Ghaziabad

Good clean archaeology at all of them, but for a real dig Sisupalgarh in Orissa on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar is time to pack your backpack.

640px Ancient remains inside rampart of Sisupalgarh   6 WikiPedia Free 300x225 Country Inn Shaibabad to Visit GhaziabadThe fort is about 5 km from the railway station and 10 km from the
airport.  There archeological teams from Deccan College in Pune,
University of California and Archeological
Survey of India (ASI)
 are unearthing a 2500 year old
city with an estimated population of 25,000.  That would make
it larger and older than ancient  Athens,  Greece. Can
you just hear the sound of the spades?

Time to get over to that widget and start making our flight and Country Inn Sahibabad reservations.

Country Inn vacations

Country Inn Vacations

Country Inn vacations are always available any place you choose to visit. Whenever  you decide to take a brief weekend vacation or a long extensive holiday, your Country Inn is there. Perhaps, you feel you should rest in an attractive location, where you can unwind. Just look up the area for the journey you want to take and your the accommodations will be there.

Country Inn vacations advantage - Personal Privacy

These locations give so much peaceful room that your getaway is bathed in the most enjoyable atmosphere imaginable.  Country Inn vacations deliver luxuries like health facilities, fresh blossoms, champagne and housemaid customer services also. Depending where you prefer to stay, you can choose a country or a rustic stay… or  you can  get the lavish functions of a modern-day hotel. It depends upon your own choices and tastes. There are many b and b offered which supply different sort of keep facilities. It feels great to be pampered to your heart s material when you are out on a vacation away from your daily routine and home tasks.

Country Inn Vacations Each Is Different

Depending upon the location which you have decided on for your Country Inn vacations, you will find different things to do. If you have decided on a chilly spot, there are skiing resorts surrounded with beautiful log cabins and fireplaces. If you select a tropical area, then you find your  accommodation  on the coastline with a whole lot of sea filled with snorkeling and diving. The best idea is to get all the info from the hotel team and regional quick guides about different type of entertainment and sightseeing around your destination.

Luxury From Spas to Yoga

On site luxury really feels excellent when you are taking your Country Inn Vacations . Having a med-spa in the hotel that gives facials and massages is excellent. Also there are accommodations which have yoga courses or on site gymnasiums too. Some hotels and resorts offer glamorous morning meal centers to their customers. Picture getting up in the morning and having a great morning meal prepared for you and waiting. A glass of fresh fruit juice, toast and eggs together with the early morning newspaper will certainly increase your pleasure and leisure a great deal more. Given that there are a lot of dining establishments around hotels and resort, you could have lunch time and supper at a new area every time. Several of the lodgings likewise offer good menus together with room service. You could also unwind in your room and order from room service. The cost is another element that has to be factored in while choosing the type of accomodation one wants. Online searches do provide many of the alternatives available. It is best to check out assessments of the place you are preparing to stay in and see which level of comfort it gives you. Planning beforehand is very useful, due to the fact that the more complete your research the more you will appreciate your trip. You can get your best searches on sites like Travelgrove which compare the hundreds of different booking sites in one single search. So you not only see booking sites like Trivago and Expedia’s deals but ALL the deals in one place.

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