walking vacation Vancouver BC

Walking Vacation Vancouver BC


Walking Vacation Vancouver BC Challenges


bucharest 87186 1280 pixabay 199x300 Walking Vacation Vancouver BCWalking all of Vancouver in a year is challenging, but to try that on the limited time frame most people have for a vacation is mission imposible, so many people  often suggest at least getting in a few key areas. These suggestions range from Gas Town for the party going crowd to the marina for the nautically inclined. What everyone agrees on though is everyone should see Stanley Park and a walk around the park and it’s seawall track is an absolute must for any Vancouver visit.

It’s a long trek so renting a bike is always a good option if you don’t feel like spending multiple hours walking around. There are plenty of bike rental places nearby like Bayshore Rentals. If you are more inclined for a more vigorous adventure.  If you don’t like bikes they also have roller blades.

Arguably Most Famous

Stanley Park is one of Canada’s largest urban parks and here you’ll find totem poles, fine-dining restaurants, the Vancouver Aquarium and a pitch and putt golf course. The seawall that surrounds this giant park is no less impressive, with gorgeous city views and access to some of the city’s most popular beaches.

Know Vancouver …A Challenging Task

If you’re really want to get into life about the city then you have to check out some of the best local blogs to cover all of Vancouver’s awesomeness.

VanCity Buzz

VanCityBuzz covers vancouver from top to bottom. Food guides cover eating Eating for 24 hours on only $25,  where you can get cheap breakfast sandwiches,  and even Gastown’s famous Happy Hour restaurants.  The Events Calendar covers mainstays like the Vancouver Farmer’s Market to outdoor movies like Karate Kid. The Contests tab will give you the latest contests going on about the city from winning a week’s work of  Dirt Squirrel underwear  to regulars like the  Richmond Night Market free pass give-a-way.  You might even come across a chance to win free passes to one of  Vancouver’s outstanding music festivals like the Squamish Valley Music Festival


Miss604.com’s Rebecca Bollwitt is one of Vancouver’s finest bloggers detailing much of the city’s fantastic opportunities since 1997. She covers food, music and film along with travel features geared for day-trippers and weekend getaway plans. These can take you to places like Salt Spring Island or the New Sea to Sky Gondola in Howe Sound’s Sea to Sky region  They can also help you keep up with food events like Chefs Across the Water.


 VancouverIsAwesome totally lives up to it’s name. If you want to really see how awesome Vancouver is you must read this site.  Mainly geared to locals, this team of bloggers bring us the most awesome events, places, people, events, history, your dog, cheap things to do, and so much more. If Vancouver is not enough awesomeness, you can also check out their awesome  CanidaIsAwesome site for other awesome Canadian sites like SquamishIsAwesom, CalgaryIsAwesome, and TorontoIsAwesome . The name says it all. Vancouver is awesome.  But don’t take my word here. Checkout the man who set it all in motion for more details.


Follow The Foodies

When it comes to food,  you must hit VancouverFoodieTours‘s Michelle Ng  is your gal. This lean, mean, eating machine has been to literally every cafe and restaurant in Greater Vancouver and is always happy to help out hungry travelers with suggestions. Michelle covers the uncommon such as the World’s Best Food Truck Tour and the Guilty Pleasures Gourmet Tour to more common places such as her Granville Island Market Tour


Last Call To Fill In The Details

And of course, you can always turn to Tourism Vancouver if you require any travel-related assistance. Tourism Vancouver covers everything an out of town guest might need to see all of Vancouver in comfort.

These top local bloggers are always updating their sites with the latest city festival and event details – give them a shout for tips or advice and they’ll be sure to guide you in the right direction. Just remember that Vancouver is an incredible place to visit and is massive to the point of melting your brain. You can not do it all in just a few days, so plan to come back often and for long stays. You will never be disappointed and there is always something new to do



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Walking Vacation Tramps Into Staycation Land Part Three

Walking Vacation In A Staycation Wow!  That’s A Lot Of Shoe Leather

dusseldorf 210678 1280 Rhine Friendship autumn walk 300x199 Walking Vacation Tramps Into Staycation Land Part ThreeYou might have noticed that a walking staycatiation seems to involve a lot of walking. That’s part of the idea. One of the most common points of any vacation is often more walking than you normally do. That is because you are going to places that you don’t normally go and doing things you don’t normally do. Not only does this provide exercise, it also is a stress reducer, one often missed on your standard staycation.

Waking Staycation Extras

In addition to all the health benifits, a walking staycation can also expand your life horizons as well with just a few well chosen  extras, which  you can use to make the journey more enjoyable. Learn a foreign language-for real. Pimsler offers a great immersion course in a whole host of languages. You could get one of the courses and immerse yourself in the course while on walks, just as if you were overseas and dealing with a strange tongue.

Take Time To Measure

You could also pick up a good pedometer like the Yamma EX-510 to measure your steps, the average person walks quite a bit on vacation as they meander the villages of Rome or the boulevards of Disneyland or the sun drenched beaches of the south pacific. It varies but most traverse between 5 miles a day while on the streets of Rome, Disneyland easily boasts of 9-11 miles a day and just getting a tan on the beach often racks up 4 to 5 sand decelerated miles. How many miles did you do? This device can keep you from cheating and couch surfing at the Home-tel instead of getting in some serious waking satiation time. I’ve personally used the Yamma for years to track my own daily step counts. Love it a lot because, unlike many other pedometers, it will not add vibration counts when traveling in cars, on busses, motorcycles, etc.. And it’s cheap at about $45.


Local Maps and Guides Are Your Friends

Get your own map of your city and a fine dining guide. The map is useful for planning where you want to go and when as well as choosing routes that you don’t normally go on. It can also be used as a game. Just use a highlighter to mark all the streets you walked on your walking satiation. Can you actually walk all of them?
Another option is to go to a nearby larger city, usually less than an hour or two’s drive. Then park in long term day parking and wander all over the city. This is great for those of us who live in the burbs or near large suburban areas like the Pacific Northwest where Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver BC are all within a day’s drive of each other and most people can get to at least one in two hours. Take advantage of your local big city foreign land. It’s cheaper than an airline ticket and will expand your walking satiation opportunities among the tall buildings of an alien territory.

Hit The Road

A final option for the walking satiations is the classic American road trip. Even with gas through the roof, a well planned road trip can get you to wonderful walks on a beach, in the mountains, in the plains grass lands, along dirt roads, near creeks and rivers, through forests, into ghost towns, small villages, and a virtually limitless assortment of places, people and things to see and walk around. It just takes a map and some curiosity. You can also skip the car and get a bike or a (pedal car get link for a sight for adult peddle car rentals). Or you can even grab your hiking boots to make it a day long hike.
Walking satiations are versatile. Try it.


If you try the road trip,  it can be a trip.


Walking Vacations misty fog walk pathway rock walkway nature ground

Travel by foot, six easy steps to a walking vacations. Part 2

Walking Vacations Plan The Last Steps

girl 293315 1920girl woman street life downtown black and white Pixabay 200x300 Travel by foot, six easy steps to a walking vacations. Part 2How are your walking vacation plans comming along?  I know it’s been a bit since we talked last about taking a walking vacation, but I wanted you to have lots of time to think and dream.  In our sedentary society taking a physically active vacation is not an easy thing.  Now is the time to look at the next two steps.

Step Five-All You Gotta Do Is Ask

You need to ask yourself two simple questions. What do you want from a vacation?  Where do you want to go?  Most people let time slip by and never decide exactly what they are shooting for on a vacation or how to spend it. Sure they daydream about some far off  someday isle but they often never purposefully decide to go to London, walk the Appalachian or Cascade trails, go to Lapland, tour the Portuguese maritime museums, walk every street in Berlin, etc.  These unfortunate masses never take the time to figure out if they want relaxation, adventure, or to feel as if they have finally contributed to something other than just the tearing of another page from the calendar.  They never take the time to find out if their personal best vacation is really a tour of Rome or fixing up an old house.  That’s because they never ask themselves what it is they need from a vacation. They never find themselves asking if the vacation did what all good vacations should, restore your soul and rejuvenate your life.  At vacation time, they just go somewhere and do something. They never look to see if that something satisfies what they need and as a result most people come off of vacations with little more resiliency than when they started.  Today is a good day to look for that part of you that needs car. Take another walk and allow yourself to plan what you need. What type of vacation will make you feel the best or fulfill some need? The answer may surprise you.   Take that vacation through Rome where you will stroll slowly through the ancient streets. Take up the challenge to hike the entire length of the Cascades.  Maybe you will  only be walking along sun drenched beaches between naps on your beach chair.  The place you go may not even change, but your approach you take to it will. The choice is vast and totally yours. Just ask.

Step Six – The Last Step?

office 266562 1280 Pixabay 300x171 Travel by foot, six easy steps to a walking vacations. Part 2What is your final step? Plan your dream.  Take all those questions about what you need and ask yourself what type of  vacation will satisfy those dreams.  This is your plan. It is  important only to you, so make it your own.  Don’t disappoint yourself.  Go into great detail. You can even turn your planning into a daily refreshing act that will help you cover every aspect of your personal adventure.

killarney 204401 640 Street view pixabay1 300x205 Travel by foot, six easy steps to a walking vacations. Part 2For example, are you walking the by-ways and country roads of Ireland in your head as you stroll around town?  Great.  Start your efforts off by transforming your daily walking vacations so they prepare yourself physically and mentally for the wonder of your trip ahead.  Look up various trails and roads you want to walk and then plan daily walk so that you cover similar terrain and distances. Take time on the walks to think through all the various aspects you will need for your trip from what toiletries to bring to what events to see. Take a pad with you so you can take some notes.

You have time, so plan where on those trips you are going.  Your walks will not only give you time to think through the details of your trip, but also condition your body for a more active physical effort. Just planning to go and treating your daily vacation will give you a longer vacation. In fact it might be a year or two to be able to get the free month, money and conditioning needed for you to tour Ireland the way you want, so use that time wisely and productively. That two year break is really a lucky break.  After two years of planning, it is very unlikely you will miss anything  you most want to do from plays to historic sites.  If you are a shopper, adding in some all day markets will be a great plus. You will also have already thought about how you are going to get all those great purchases home.  Little additions to your walks like a stroll around downtown might provide you a chance to learn a little about architecture. Then your walks amongst the old buildings in Ireland might not blend so much and give you a richer vacation and life. You can take some time to dream of your first days in Ireland. There are a thousand and one things you can do to prepare and lengthen your holiday with no real muss.

Done right, you will find yourself arriving home from your grand tour and amazed at how dull life is without it. The only cure of course will be another grand tour, so back to step one. Repeat as often as you can before your life comes to its close because the very best vacation of all is one that lasts your entire life.


Here’s a great vid to kick-start your walking vacation plans.


Walking Vacations

Walking Vacation Tramps Into Staycation Land Part 1

Walking Vacation Tramps Into a Staycation dusseldorf 210678 1280 Rhine Friendship autumn walk 300x199 Walking Vacation Tramps Into Staycation Land Part 1

Walk and transform your staycation into a real vacation in as little as an afternoon. When you are on a staycation you often  miss out on  the most important element of going on vacation in the first place.  You totally skip the part about doing something new and out of your the ordinary. The result is just an ordinary day.  For many the need to save a few bucks forces them to go staycationing, which only result in nothing more than two weeks spent cleaning the dust balls from behind the couch and the crud from under the fridge. It’s not that getting those chores done in and of themselves is a bad thing, but doing them hardly makes for either an inspiring vacation or life changing experiences. The things you want from a walking vacation are wonderful memories, relaxation of body and mind, inspiration, broadening of your world perspective, and new life experiences…a few new friends would not hurt either. To stay home without a plan to actually vacation is pretty much not vacationing. So let’s fix this and formulate a plan to have a real vacation for our staycation.

Get Your Plans On Paper

Where to start? Start just where you would if your walking vacation required travel. You need to know what you can do and then you need to decide which opportunities you want to take advantage of.  So, get on line or out the door and start looking at your home town as if you had never been there before.  Go ahead and grab brochures for restaurants, hotels, cities, etc.  Don’t forget to pick up a few local events papers and calendars.  Google for web sites, businesses, local maps, events, bus schedules, parks, beaches, rivers (boating), places to get some sun, places to see a show, places to go for a walk (trails), places to shop, places to meet people, places see a sun set or sun rise, places for breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, dinner, late supper.
You want to plan your walking staycation in every way just like you would if you needed to travel to your vacation, right down to packing a suitcase and living out of it. Why? Simple. What you pack is what you plan to do. No fudging on things. If it’s in the suitcase (your bathing suit, horseback riding lessons, etc.), then you have to do it and by correlation what’s not in it, you don’t touch (clean under the fridge, clear the garage, normal laundry…this and dishes might be the only real exceptions, etc.)

Eliminate the Ordinary By Panning the Extraordinary

Plan your itinerary, right down to making some dinner reservations or booking/penning in a time for a ferry ride. You want to avoid those places you go all the time.

For instance most people are very regular in their habits, so the trick to a successful walking staycation is to do what you don’t normally do. Say on a normal day you go to a great coffee shop every morning on the way to work. At lunch you hit the same sandwich place. On the way home it’s the gym, kids at school, grocery store to pick up what you forgot in the weekly shopping or ran out of early because your teens have decided its open season on the continents of the fridge and then home to chores till dinner.  Real vacations demand you change things. Let’s start with that morning coffee. While on staycation, walk down to that begle shop and read a local paper from the newsstand you never go to.  At both places talk to the people behind the counter, just like you would if you were in France. Find out about the local area from them. It may surprise you that you don’t really know everything about your home. You will undoubtedly find new bands, new plays, new events, and new art shows/galleries that have opened. While there get a new type of bagel that you have never had or eat it with something you have never tried before. Remember, you are on vacation. Old routines are on hold for the duration.

Same Coffee Different Cup

The point is that what you do must be new and different from what you normally do. Do you drink Americanos? Have a Duppo espresso instead. If you either sit at a table indside or never have time to stay? Now’s your chance to lounge about, take a window seat or enjoy a sidewalk table outside. Watch the people. Read your paper. Eat …Slowly.

Get Ideas From Others

Stuck for ideas still?  Well, then get out there and ask for ideas from family, friends, and even strangers. Of course you can go on line as well. There you can find a wide array of sites and video blogs with tips and ideas.

Blog, Blog, Blog…

Blogs can save you an incredible amount of guesswork and time.  They range from the frugal based  like Thrifty Little Mom and Living Well Spending Less to the advice how to do that like “How do I plan a fun ‘stay-cation’?”,  “10 Tips for a Successful Staycaton” and  “Getting the Most of a Vacation at Home”.

Then There’s Always Youtube…

On line sources like Youtube provide a great resource of people, places and ideas for your own staycation, even if they don’t live where you live.  You could even go so far as the Glass family even, who went so far as to announce their plans on Youtube  and tell people to tell them what to do with their staycation. A bold move, but when you want ideas it will provide.



What Happens on Staycation …

You don’t have to hit the perfect walking vacation. It can even have many of the daily chores. What you need more than anything else though is to get the frame of mind. The type of frame of mind that turns the ordinary into an adventure or a funny story.  Witness a nice sample of staycation bliss…


1,000 Ideas

There are thousands of ideas out there. Some great v-blogs and even a few TV shows that can  really get the idea details stirring around n your head. These ideas can help your staycation remain a cheaper alternative to a full travel based vacation.  At the same time it will still give you the relaxation and memories that is the essential reason you want to go on vacation in the first place.

So many ideas out there. Just take your time and plan your staycation as if it is a walking vacation and the rest will fall into place. 
bike rental for Schlern Alps tour

Vacation Bike Rental, Tours and More

Bike Rental a European Vacation Plus

cambridge 1400027394 225x300 Vacation Bike Rental, Tours and More
PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

Bike rentals in Europe provide probably the cheapest and most convenient transportation you can use on vacation, aside from your feet. In some cases they even are faster than other means, such as when there is some form of transportation strike. Little hint: if you are going to Europe, check to see if there is some form of transportation strike or negotiations going on. The French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Greek transportation strikes are legendary. They will also mess up any local commuting you might want or need to do during your stay.

First Place By Defacto

Such problems are often avoided by just using the alternate plans most travelers use. The first is easy.  You just put up with the lousy service, or even non-existent service, at times.  Just go when the metro deigns.

Second Place taken in Stride

Then there is alternative number two. You can walk everywhere and ignore those pesky busses and tubes. Unless you have forked out a fortune for a central hotel, that’s not a plan for most alternative travel people.  You are just too far away from such pricey convenience.

Third But Not Last

Being more than walking distance to your vacation activities often means that you can rent a car. This is a great idea, if you can afford it, have a valid international license, and want to travel longer distances.

The Winner On a Roll

However, for those among us who want convenience, moderate speed, economy and a few health benefits on the side, the best alternative out there is to rent a bike. And fortunately when you go traveling there are a ton of great options for renting a bike. All you need is to choose one that suits your needs, whether they are pure transportation or part of some grander self-directed tour scheme.

Transportation and Commuting

For basic transportation, the city offerings are outstanding.   Paris has 10,600 free to use public bikes through it’s  Vélib’ service—a pun on “free bicycle”

Bike Rental is in the Cards

400px Paris 06 2012 Velib 2883 WikiPedia Velib 2012 GNU 200x300 Vacation Bike Rental, Tours and More You will need a credit card with a EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) microchip in it like all European cards have. Your card is required to unlock the bike from the rack and track who is liable for it till it is returned, but you will not be charged for the rental. You will have to check with your bank for this, because most US banks don’t have the imbedded chips. There have been improvements since the system was set up.  A New York Times article  said that JCDecaux who setup the bike system is working on taking non-chip cards. They have updated the kiosks to accept US-issued American Express Cards (no chips). Also, some hotels do sell short-term subscriptions (see below) to US travelers. Check with your hotel to see if they do.

Paris is Not Alone

Lyon, Brussels, Vienna, Helsinki, Oslo, and Copenhagen are just a few of the European cities with bike rental programs. Here is a quick find list of these programs.


1024px Station Velib DSC 3497Paris France station Velib Place de la Bastille Wikipedia CC bySA 3.0 300x199 Vacation Bike Rental, Tours and More The Vélib’ program requires that you buy the service on a daily (€1), weekly (€5), or (€29) yearly scale. Under the program you can take all the half-hour rentals you want, but you will be charged a fee if you use it longer than a half-hour per trip. There are over 750 (more?) stands throughout Paris, so finding a ride is not all too difficult. Daily and weekly subscriptions are available at any station (they are found every three or four streets throughout Paris.). To access, just insert your card and PIN, then you will be asked to create an access code (instructions are in 8 languages –find them). The machine will spit out a Vélib’ card. From there on it’s easy. Just wave the card across the any bike stand screen and enter your access code. Choose your bike from the list of those available. You have only a minute to press the locking button on the bike, so you might want to hustle. The first half hour rental is free, but the second half hour is €1, the third €2, and every half hour thereafter is €4. You can rent a bike as many times as you like, but kids under 14 cannot use them. To return the bike, simply go any station and reattach it to an empty stand. You will get a flash and beep when it is properly locked up.


The Vélo’v system in Lyon charges €2 for each 30 minutes after the first free half hour. Other than that, the system is much like Paris’ Vélib’.


VilloTerminalAndMap Wikipedia CC BY SA 3.0 225x300 Vacation Bike Rental, Tours and More Cyclocity (cyclocity.be), is a bit of a letdown compared to Paris’ Vélib’ system. It only has 250 bikes and 23 stations throughout the city and it costs a bit more, though still cheap. Short term subscription cards for day (€1) or week (€1.50) can be purchased at all stations. The rentals are €0.50 a half hour. Sign-ups, rentals, and returns are the same as the Vélib’ and Vélo’v systems.


Citybike tourist cards cost €2 a day and can be obtained either at your hotel or either of the two issuing offices. ( Either Royal Tours, Herrengasse 1—3, or at Pedal Power, Ausstellungsstrasse 3) You can use your card to pick up a bike at any of 50 city stations, usually located near the subway stations. Pick up and drop off are virtually the same as in Paris and Lyon with one slight difference. You will need to swipe your card through a reader instead of waving it in front of the terminal screen. The Citybike system is a little different with the rentals prices as well. They expand your free period to a full hour instead of just half an hour, but a second hour will cost you €2, the third is €3 and from the fourth hour on you’ll be charged €4 per hour thereafter. Unfortunately you can only rent one bike per card, so couples, families and groups traveling together will need a separate card for each member. The rental is limited to 120 hours and after that time the bike is considered lost. Lost cards will be charged €10. More information can be found at citybikewien.at.


In Helsinki rents its bikes in the summer only. There are 26 stands around the city to rent from. The system operates off of €2 coins, so no cards are required. Just drop your deposit and the lock opens. Your deposit is returned when you lock it back up. This gives you the luxury of no real set time limit, but you do have to stay in the city limits. Other than that, the sign-up, rent and return instructions are like the other bike rentals above. Go to hel.fi for more information.


Oslo’s Bysykkel program comes with some changes. The tourist rate is 70 kroner ($10) a day. You must stay in the city and the rentals are limited to three hours maximum, but you can extend the rental for fee when you return the bike to the station. Rental hour are from 6 a.m. to midnight. You have 30 seconds to get your bike out of the rack once you have paid, but you can return your bike 24 hours a day. The lock light for a properly returned bike will turn to green from red.

Trondheim, Norway

Trondheim’s program allows everyone to bike for free like the Oslo Bysykkel program. Drop your coin into the lock and go. Your deposit will be returned with the bikes return. You can find out more for many Norwegian cities at adshel.no.


1024px Danish public bicycle CPH Wikipedia CC Bu 3.0 300x225 Vacation Bike Rental, Tours and More The Danish capital rents 1,300 rent free bikes between May and mid-December from 125 City Bike stations in the central part of the city. Just deposit DKK 20 coin (about $3) and away you go. You do have to stay in the city. Your deposit is returned when you return the bike. Details at . http://youtu.be/L_RDBlzqnh8

Read more:

Rent a Bike in Europe for Nearly Nothing http://www.budgettravel.com/feature/rent-a-bike-in-europe-for-nearly-nothing,2492/#ixzz31WnpH9f4

Back Road vacations tours http://www.backroads.com/award-winning-tours/France

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